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MiniEnterprize 2019

Workshop and Keynote Speakers

Long-acknowledged as one of Vancouver’s preeminent business conferences, miniEnterprize has garnered a reputation as a professional, vibrant, and affordable experience for all delegates while providing a realistic, engaging, and exciting simulation of financial literacy and critical thinking for the passionate youth. We are proud to offer our top-notch case competition, workshops, and keynote speakers that have become synonymous with miniEnterprize.

Keynote Speaker

Parker McLean

Keynote: Starts With You

Parker McLean is an entrepreneur, activist, and BC Business Top 30 Under 30 award winner who lives, designs, loves, and dares in Vancouver, BC. Parker is the principal and founder of Harc, a Vancouver-based branding agency filled with kind-hearted designers and strategists who build brands and websites for organizations that improve the communities around them.

A lesson on management centred on getting young (future!) entrepreneurs to ask questions about their own personal backgrounds and how to use their experiences to shape a vision for the careers that centres on value alignment and fulfilment. Engage with Parker and understand your past to determine what could be best for your future in an immersive and a comprehensive lecture.

Workshop #1

Annee Ngo

Workshop: Who Cares and Why? — The Age of Digital Advancement

Annee Ngo from Collaboration Startup Business: Annee Ngo is an entrepreneur, an organizer, and a proud VP of ProtoHack, an internationally located organization in which participants in the daylong event formulate teams, choose an idea and design a business concept. With much success already under her belt, Annee continues to innovate by introducing white-label events, run by ProtoHack on behalf of organizations such as Adobe Systems Inc., Natural Resources Canada and Stanford University. Through these efforts ProtoHack continues to reach new heights!

This interactive workshop revolves around the fundamentals of innovation and technology, presented by the founder & CEO of QUP. During this session, the speaker will share her personal life story in how she transformed the global events company, ProtoHack, into the mobile app QUP. All without knowing how to code, this speaker truly demonstrates what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. In addition, delegates will be provided with a hands on learning experience in which they may compete for real cash by testing both their curiosity and empathy.

Workshop #2

Erin Jay

Workshop: Getting out the Right Message

Erin Jay from Popcorn Erin Jay is a Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategist in Vancouver, specializing in brand strategy, social media management, content creation, and online growth. Erin began her fashion and lifestyle Instagram Page “Life with Erin” (@lifew.erin) in 2017 and has partnered with brands such as YSL Beauty, Aldo Shoes, and Ivanhoe Cambridge. Today, Erin is an Account Associate at Popcorn Media, a digital marketing and PR agency, and continues to collaborate and build connections with brands in the fashion, beauty, and health space on her Instagram page and blog

This workshop will be centered on the rise of social media and power of influencer marketing. In a world that is ever-changing, one must be able to quickly adapt from our traditional ways of marketing. Delegates will gain insight into the presenter’s challenges and professional journey. Additionally, this workshop will include an activity for delegates on the popular social media platform, Instagram. By the end of this session, delegates will better understand and appreciate the strategy behind marketing posts and outreach projects. Furthermore, delegates learn to expand market awareness and gain an extra foothold in any business endeavour.

Workshop #3

Sandy Chernoff

Workshop: Active Listening — the Key to Successful Communication Outcomes

Sandy Chernoff from Soft Skills for Success. Sandy Chernoff, RDH, B.Sc., has practiced Dental Hygiene since 1968 and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Education. For ten years Sandy & a colleague co-mentored the first Canadian Dental Hygiene Study Club. In addition, Sandy was both a didactic and clinical instructor at the Vancouver College of Dental Hygiene for 4 years.

As a soft skills trainer & consultant, Sandy has taught a variety of courses for Continuing Dental Education at UBC, Dental Dynamics, BCIT, Capilano College, University of the Fraser Valley, Dental Hygiene Study Clubs, BC Institute of Chartered Accountants, Certified General Accountants of BC, Greater Vancouver Home Builder’s Association, Elsanet, Association of Professional Engineers and Geo-Scientists, Law Society of BC, several unions, numerous large law firms, businesses, individuals, and professional and volunteer organizations. Since 1995, Sandy has presented Soft Skills Training Seminars to audiences in from Victoria to New York City. In 2014, Sandy published her book: 5 Secrets to Effective Communication which is a communication handbook to demystify the complexities of communication so that the reader can learn to do it better. Her energetic, humorous, and interactive presentation style provides her sessions with variety and pace making the atmosphere most conducive to retentive learning.

Within this workshop, students will learn how to better improve their soft skills. The main focus of these soft skills will be directed towards effective communication and listening. Whether you are working with others in a startup or striking a deal with a new business partner, you will find that these two skills are essential towards forwarding an innovative and resourceful entrepreneurial idea. Delegates will be presented with ways in which they can pursue these soft skills, and as well, mitigate the roadblocks we unconsciously face. Be it in terms of audience, engagement, or listener retainment; this workshop will surely equip you with the necessary effective tools!